Summer 2019 GODDESS OF THE NORTH, Reuts Publishing.

2011 THE SULPHUR DIARIES, Legend Press.

Short Fiction

2018 “Saṃsara”, Not So Stories anthology.
2016 Nostalgia“, After the Fall anthology.
2012 “Dominance”, Alien Sky Anthology.
2012 “Altus”, Fading Light: An Anthology of the Monstrous: Tim Marquitz.
2011 “Oracle”, Orbital Hearts.
2011 “Childhood Monsters”, Behind Locked Doors.
2011 “Mother India”, Five Stop Story.
2011 “Cage the Beast”, Golden Visions Magazine.
2011 “Acceptable Suitors”, Romance Flash.
2011 Our Father’s Eyes”, Silverthought.
2010 “Communication”, Romance Flash.
2010 “Mission Six”, Title Goes Here.
2009 “Our Father’s Eyes”, Cossmass Infinities.
2009 “My Darling”, Letters from the Dead.
2009 The Many Deaths of Johnny Silver”, Sideshow Fables.

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