Why hire a sensitivity reader?

Sensitivity readers are here to help you write the most accurate portrayal of a marginalization you are not a part of. We do not censor your words or rewrite your narratives. We look at the story you have already created with marginalized characters and help to elevate that portrayal. We also, more importantly, help you ensure that marginalized readers are able to read your books comfortably and not be confronted by attitudes and stereotypes that hurt them.

What I do:

As a British Asian, I am an expert on my own identity. I live this experience. I interact with the Asian community.

I will read your work and look out for stereotypes or negative portrayals, and also look at ways to increase or improve any representation. I want to help you make your story featuring Desi* characters as good as possible.

Your story is yours. All I do is look at the details that involve British Asians and offer suggestions. I give you my feedback and you decide what happens to your book.

*Desi: a person from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, or the Maldives born or descended who lives abroad.

Why me?

I have been sensitivity reading since 2017 and have experience across most genres and age ranges, and both fiction and non-fiction.

Thanks to my experience I am now an expert on giving feedback that is welcomed, even by the most nervous of authors. I will provide options for any revisions, edits or additions and links to further information if needed. For example, explaining ‘the unmarked state’ and how to ensure conscious language choices flow throughout the manuscript. I also ensure to advise on how to elevate any representation, if possible, rather than just comment on what is already within the text.

I read for this subject matter:

  • British Asian identities and communities.
  • Biracial Asian identities.
  • Immigrant culture.
  • Existing as a woman of colour in the workplace.
  • Race relations in the UK, especially the Indian/Desi diasporas.
  • UK anti-immigration politics, from the current government to UKIP, the BNP and Britain First.
  • General racism, from abuse to microaggressions.
  • Please note I do NOT read for not own voice stories focusing on religion.

I offer my service as a sensitivity reader for works of fiction in any genre. I will provide notes and edits on ideas, fifty-page/15k word chunks or full completed manuscripts.


I am willing to negotiate discounts in specific cases, e.g. if your novel is very long, if you’re self-published, a marginalised writer, a teen, and other cases – feel free to mention this in your email. Thus, the prices below are estimates.

£35 – Idea Session

If you have ideas for a plot, characters or a world that involves any of the things I sensitivity read for, this ideas session is where you can send me those concepts and I will give you my thoughts and opinions on what you’ve come up with. For example, if you’re worldbuilding and you want to involve Desi people in your conception of the world, I can take a look at what you’ve come up with so far. This covers two sessions with a maximum of two plots or ideas.

£75 – Partial Read

I will read over the first fifty pages/15k of your novel or portion that includes the character(s) you’re asking me to read for specifically. This is great for minor characters who only show up for short periods of time. I will give you minor line edits and a one-page report on what I think worked and what would make these characters and their experiences stronger.

£300  – Full Novel (approx 100k)

This is a more in-depth read for novellas or novels that include the above topics throughout the book as plot points and as characters. I will read through your entire manuscript and provide you with line edits and a 1-3 page summary focused on the issues you’re having me read for. Turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks depending on manuscript length.

Please contact me to discuss details via the contact form or by email: gkamsika@gmail.com If you’re requesting a full read, please include your word count and I’ll give you a finalized quote. Feel free to include the first 5-10 pages for the full or partial reads so I can get a feel for your writing.

Payment is PayPal or bank transfer only. For all services, half payment is required before I begin my read. Historically sensitivity readers struggle to get paid, therefore I ask for half up front. For this reason, I offer examples and references upon request so you know what you’re paying for.

Your work is your intellectual property and will not be shared or reproduced without your written permission. Similarities in publishing do arise and if I think your work is too similar to something I’m working on, I will politely decline. I will keep your material confidential. I will also send you an agreement before you pay that has details of the entire process.

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