Milford Writers Workshop 2021

Due to Covid, I hadn’t been around groups of people for many, many months, so while I was excited for Milford, I faced the idea of a big group of other writers with trepidation. But even at our first meeting, all of my worries faded away. Everyone was kind and welcoming, making sure anyone new to Milford knew what to do and where to go.

The venue itself was incredible. Lovely buildings nestled between Welsh mountains and breathtaking lake scenery. The crits were very helpful. Very detailed, providing respectful and  comprehensive feedback that allowed me to improve my submitted piece. Because of the format, I managed to both write in the mornings and crit with the group in the afternoons. I got so much done!

To anyone considering applying for the workshop, honestly, do it! My thanks to everyone who has contributed to the bursary, Milford is an amazing event that I hope many more people get the chance to experience.

Photo by the lovely Dolly Garland

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