The Sulphur Diaries

Georgina Kamsika’s debut novel ‘The Sulphur Diaries’  is available on Amazon.

Alice is in deep trouble. The police have found her covered in blood and surrounded by corpses. The dazed teenager explains that she had befriended an angel to help her escape her tiny Yorkshire village that is situated over a gate to hell. Why? Because the Harvest was coming and the love of her life was up for selection.

Available on the UK Kindle store.

The Sulphur Diaries

Interview: Django Wexler on His OPERATION ARCANA Story “The Guns of the Wastes”

Recently I was lucky enough to interview the very talented Django Wexler about his short story ‘The Guns of the Wastes’.  It’s part of the military fantasy anthology Operation Arcana, edited by John Joseph Adams. In this “mission debrief” Django Wexler talks to Georgina Kamsika about his Operation Arcana story “The Guns of the Wastes”… Georgina Kamsika: Right […]

World Book Day Twitter Contest Winner

Yesterday was World Book Day, and IPR Licence hosts a contest for followers to tweet their favourite children’s book. I mentioned ‘Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator’ – because I could never forget the Vermicious Knids. Today I got the terrific news that I’d won the contest – so I’m the proud owner of a new IPR licence author account.


Last time I saw my Clarion West 2012 buddies was the summer of 2013, so this Feb, I flew down to New Orleans for a mini meet up. My knowledge of New Orleans mostly comes from Bryan himself, (including the amazing pronunciation of the word ‘eggs’), and his writing, so it was good to see the crescent city — the Big Easy – itself. The fact that it was also Mardi Gras at the same time – gosh, coincidence!

Women Destroy – well, everything

I’m proud of my contribution to ‘Women Destroy Science Fiction‘, however small. It’s been chosen as Potlatch 24′s Book of Honour, New Mexico State University are adding it as required reading for their course Literature of Science Fiction and Fantasy, and today I hear that it’s on the list for NPR’s Best Books of 2014. […]

Off to Loncon

Off to the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London tomorrow. It’s a great programme, I’ll be meeting up with Clarion West friends, and hopefully some fellow Lightspeed people. Plus I get to see Connie Willis and George R.R. Martin again for the first time since Clarion West 2012.