Georgina Kamsika

Georgina Kamsika is a speculative fiction writer born in Yorkshire, England, to British Asian immigrant parents and has spent most of her life explaining her English first name, Polish surname and South Asian features.

Goddess of the North

DI Sara Nayar is not the bright young police detective she seems to be; she’s actually a Hindu goddess living as a human after a dispute with her mother, the trickster goddess Mohini.

When a man is murdered at Sheffield Castle Market, Sara senses that another god is involved– perhaps the Norse god Loki. But setting aside her divine nature has left Sara dangerously vulnerable.

With the help of her partner, the attractive DI Michael Higgins, Sara must uncover both the human and divine reasons for the crime and protect the city she loves.

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I’m using this Patreon to connect with people who are interested in my work. As a second-generation immigrant, I write novels and short stories mostly about desi diaspora based in the UK. I also consume as much desi media as I can and review it in my monthly roundups.

Sensitivity Reading

I offer my expertise as a British South Asian to read your work and give you feedback on whether you are perpetuating stereotypes and actively harming people like me, or help you fine tune small details to make your characters more authentic. I want to help you make your story featuring desi characters as good as you can make it. Click for more details.


Goddess of the North

An ancient Hindu goddess works for the Sheffield police and investigates supernatural murders.

Not So Stories

Not So Stories

Not So Stories attempts to redress the colonialist balance, bringing together new and established writers of colour from around the world to take the Just So Stories back, to interrogate, challenge and celebrate their legacy.

The Devourer Below

Something monstrous has come to Arkham, Massachusetts. There have always been shadows here, but now a new hunger has risen from the depths and threatens those who dwell here. But there are heroes too – people who stand up and fight to stem the tide, even when it costs them everything.

Futurebook Conference – London 18th Nov

2022, Blog

  The Own Voices movement has been one of the most important forces in publishing over the past couple of years, but it has also left some writers and editors afraid of working beyond their lived experience. Empowering under-represented authors to tell their own stories is crucial, but in a divided world, we also need […]

New Story ‘The Lady of the Lake’ via Audible


I have a new story out via Audible. It’s a short six-minute audio story. The Lady of the Lake (job description: hand out mystical swords to youngsters with potential) has her first dissatisfied customer. This humorous fantasy tale will appeal to anyone who has ever landed a glamorous job, only to find out that the […]

Milford Writers Workshop 2021


Due to Covid, I hadn’t been around groups of people for many, many months, so while I was excited for Milford, I faced the idea of a big group of other writers with trepidation. But even at our first meeting, all of my worries faded away. Everyone was kind and welcoming, making sure anyone new […]


She is represented by Jennie Goloboy of Donald Maass Literary Agency.