Not So Stories Available to Preorder

The short story anthology Not So Stories is available to preorder. Written by PoC as rebuttals to the original colonialist nostalgia, there are a wide variety of tales.

I touched on the feeling of disconnect, how diaspora often feel they have no home in their current land, nor the land of their parents.

From the foreword by Nikesh Shukla:

“It’s a brave choice to take something so much a part of the canon as Kipling and make it more inclusive, and yet that’s what has happened in the following pages. There is a lot of talk at the moment about decolonizing our school and university syllabuses, especially English Literature ones where the canon remains pale, male and stale.

However, the real fight to ensure our stories are inclusive, representative and sensitive starts with the stories of our childhood. Here is a new take on some of yours.”

Pre-order: Amazon |Kindle|Barnes & Noble|Google|Kobo|RebellionStore

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