Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2018: Week Two

Work-In-Progress Name: Phoenix Reborn

Genre: Space opera

Week One Status:  Edited to chapter 10.

Week Two Progress:

I worked on chapters 11 through to 15.  It might seem slower than last week but chapters 1 to 3 were pretty polished up anyway, so this is around the same amount of work. Possibly more, in fact, as a couple of the chapters had huge [ADD NEW BIT] here sections. (My genius collaborator hasn’t seen those changes yet. Lots more work for him).

Notes left for my collaborator:

  • HELP!   (Just help, no other explanation).

Some examples of the changes I made:

  • I implemented big changes to a main character that we’ve had planned for a long time and written in later chapters. It was fun to back-fit those changes and let Sable shine.
  • I re-wrote some of the underwater farm scene. Mostly because I wanted to add in more detail. There’s probably way too much now and it’ll need a good edit, but it was fun to add in all of our research and ideas.
Phoenix Reborn

As Kaa neared the bridge, she heard voices. The woman was speaking again, that same even cold tone it had been since the first day.

“Yeah, not surprised. Earth will be all over that. We need to avoid any port of theirs.”

The bug chittered a response. Cold fingers clawed down Kaa’s spine, the hairs on her arms rising. She pushed past the feeling, stepping into the room and blocking the doorway. She eyed the two of them before she spoke. “So if the colonies are out, where are we heading now?”

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