Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2018: Week Three

Work-In-Progress Name: Phoenix Reborn The Cursed Heir

Genre: Space opera YA Fantasy

Week One Status:  Edited PR to chapter 10.

Week Two Status: Edited PR to chapter 15.

Week Three Progress:

So this week I was busy giving my YA a quick final polish before sharing it with my Clarion West classmates for feedback next weekend. It’s a good solid later draft, but I knew I had to tidy the ending some more. It’s added some words, making the whole novel overly long, but I might wait until after my CW feedback to see their comments.

Notes I left for myself:

  • Rakesjs mum (doing something spoilery). I was mostly proud of past!me’s incredible misspelling of Rajesh.

Some examples of the changes I made:

  • I expanded a scene to add in more about potions and how one had worked.
  • The ending! Clarifying the motivations, themes, and stakes.
The Cursed Heir Aesthetic

Rajesh twisted his fingertips through the air, pulling strands of energy together until a blue glowing sword extended out from his hand. Deep ocean coloured magic pulsed along the blade, secret sigils shimmering onto the flat side. Light glimmered along the sharp edge that sang as he moved it.

He looked like something from a medieval painting, a knight brandishing a longsword, perhaps an angel with a fiery blade. It was beautiful, and impressive, and one of the most violent-looking spells Kareena had ever seen.

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