Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2018: Week Six & Wrap Up

Work-In-Progress Name: Phoenix Reborn

Genre: Space opera

Week One Status:  Edited PR to chapter 10.

Week Two Status: Edited PR to chapter 15.

Week Three Status: Edited The Cursed Heir.

Week Four Status: Finalised The Cursed Heir.

Week Five Status: Edited PR to chapter 17.

Week Six Progress:

Phoenix Reborn is evolving nicely. I’ve spent a little time this week digging into some of the research we’ve alluded to in the past to add details in this draft. It’s not hard science, far from it, but it’s still more fun to base what we can on real technology or theories.

I worked on chapters 18 through to 21 where I’d had a lot of fun with character moments and my collaborator had a lot of fun with amazing space battles. We’ve had so many good ideas since this was drafted, it was really fun to tighten up these scenes.

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Notes I left for myself:

  • Need to show how her tech integrates with the ship – ORGANICS.
  • More on the alien sympathisers

Some examples of the changes I made:

  • Changed up the scene with the platypus.
  • Added in the forgotten social segment – those who see the fishman in Shape of Water who want to shag him. (Basir is really popular).

“Thanks, Agnikaa.” The hijabi said offhandedly before she dropped down to rustle through the toolbox.

Kaa went rigid. Mistrust flooded through her. Then she realised, of course the hijabi knew who she was from the news reports. She relaxed, if only by a hair and after a long pause replied. “Call me Kaa.”

The woman tipped her head up, a sardonic smile pulling at her lips. “Look at this bonding. Seven days and we’re exchanging names already. I’m Ayesha.” She extended a grubby hand to shake.

Thanks to everyone who donated or who followed these updates. This is the end of the Write-A-Thon. The 2018 class will be packing up and heading home. The house will be emptied by some of the wonderful volunteers. Then it’ll be time to think of next year.

Clarion West 2019

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Week 2 – Stephen Graham Jones
Week 3 – Amal El-Mohtar
Week 4 – Ibi Zoboi
Week 5 – Jack Dann and Jonathan Strahan
Week 6 – Ann Leckie


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