Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2018: Week Four

Work-In-Progress Name: Phoenix Reborn The Cursed Heir

Genre: Space opera YA Fantasy

Week One Status:  Edited PR to chapter 10.

Week Two Status: Edited PR to chapter 15.

Week Three Status: Edited The Cursed Heir.

Week Four Progress:

So my quick polish of The Cursed Heir last week slipped over into this week. It’s still not quite done, but I think it’s good enough that hopefully my Clarion West classmates won’t cry too much. I managed to trim a few thousand words, but then added some when editing the ending, so it’s still too long. I did mention this when Bryan asked if there was anything that needed looking at. (Do I like pages and pages of kids sitting around talking? Why yes, yes I do.)

Notes I left for myself:

  • Add emotions here. No past!me, this is always too hard.
  • Fix the wood and cement falling before the spell is cast.

Some examples of the changes I made:

  • Clarified the villian and their motives.
  • Fixed a chapter which ended on – ‘no, we’ll never do that!’ then the next chapter has them doing that.
The Cursed Heir

“Thank you,” she forced out over chattering teeth. “I could’ve died.”

Rebecca shrugged, a shy smile on her face. “Nah, Rajesh would’ve whipped some cool spell out of his arse to save you.”

“My arse has zero spells left in it, thank you.”


Hopefully, I’ll be back to space opera next week!


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