Press Start to Play – Players Up: Chris Avellone, Marc Laidlaw, Micky Neilson

Press Start to Play is a new anthology by John Joseph Adams, with a gaming theme. Right up my street! I was lucky enough to pick three of the authors to interview.

I really enjoyed chatting with Chris Avallone for the last anthology, so I jumped at the chance to speak to him again. I was also lucky enough to interview Marc Laidlaw, a writer at Valve most famous for Half-Life but who has also produced a range of fiction.  Finally, I spoke to Micky Neilson of Blizzard, writer for games such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft.  He’s also written a World of Warcraft comic and a Diablo novella.

All three guys were wonderful to speak to. I really recommend picking up the anthology – it’s perfect for gamers of all kinds. Hopefully, these interviews will give a taste of the writing in the anthology.

Read them here…

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