Major UK publisher aiming to support new writers from under-represented communities

Penguin Random House UK are part of the WriteNow project to find, mentor and publish new writers from under-represented communities. They ask you to explain what that means to you:

For example, you could be a writer from a socio-economically marginalised background, be a writer from BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) or LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer) communities, or have a disability.

There are 150 writer spots open over 3 workshop days held in London (Saturday 1 October 2016), Birmingham (Saturday 26 November 2016) and Manchester (Saturday 4 February 2017). Those days will give the attendees access to editors, agents, booksellers and other published authors. Ten writers will be selected who will go on to receive a year of mentorship with the end goal of publication.

How to apply?

  • They want a brief summary of your book – what’s it called, what’s it about and what makes it special? They also want 1,000 words from anywhere in the book. The 1,000 words you’re most proud of.
  • They also want 1,000 words from anywhere in the book. The 1,000 words you’re most proud of.
  • They require you to explain why you write and how you fit their criteria in feeling underrepresented in 500 words.
  • You can’t have published a book within the last 10 years through a commercial publishing house. Nor can you have an agent or publishing contract.
  • You’ll come from an under-represented background.
  • You need to be 18 or older and a UK resident.

What are they looking for? 
Fiction: They are keen to get applications from writers in the following genres: commercial fiction, women’s fiction, crime and thriller, romance, science fiction, children’s and young adult.

Non-fiction: They want to see books that help change people’s lives for the better. This could be in fields such as personal development, business, or health and fitness; writing that promotes an understanding of the world through history, social commentary or politics, or enhances happiness by exploring the natural world, philosophy or creativity.

The deadline in Friday 2nd September and you can apply here!

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