Kings for Breakfast! A Hindu Legend

Once in India there were two generous kings. But one was more generous than the other.

The first king was named Karna. Every morning, he gave to the poor a hundred pounds of gold. In fact, he had vowed not to eat on any day before doing this. But where he got so much gold was a great mystery.

The second king was named Vikram. So big-hearted was Vikram, he would give anybody anything they asked for—a jewel, a horse, even a palace. His time and help too were free for the asking. Vikram’s fame spread far and wide, and even the animals asked him favors.

One day, while Vikram was strolling through his palace garden, two snow-white geese landed at his feet.

“Good King Vikram, we are starving!” cried the gander. “We beg you to feed us!”

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