Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2019: Week Two

For Week Two I’ve been busying digging into our space opera as mentioned last week. I’m really happy with the main outline of the novel, but I’m excited to include any new ideas Luke might have after his two-week stint at the CSSF SF Novel Writers Workshop. Because of that, I’ve not set anything too much in stone and worked on the very solid first act.

Photo by Federico Rizzarelli on Unsplash

“Two minutes until complete system failure. All airlocks now sealed. Be aware escape pods will auto jettison in sixty seconds time.”

On the other side of the dock the guards fighting got louder. They were going to kill each other. Kaa wasn’t getting involved with that. The only way out of here was that cargo ship and that was damn clear. She crept closer, pondering if she could take out the woman to steal the ship herself

She was still weighing up options when something brushed passed her and her whole body tensed up. She immediately got ready for a fight, gripping her gun as her attention focused on it. Her blood ran cold. It was one of those things. One of the aliens that caused her all her trouble. It appeared smaller than any Kaa had faced in battle but this one was out of its armour, its ugly insectoid limbs spindly.


I’ve continued researching for Winter Palace as there are always incredible amounts of information that work for a cli fi novel.

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