Clarion West Write-A-Thon 2018: Week Five

Work-In-Progress Name: Phoenix Reborn

Genre: Space opera

Week One Status:  Edited PR to chapter 10.

Week Two Status: Edited PR to chapter 15.

Week Three Status: Edited The Cursed Heir.

Week Four Status: Finalised The Cursed Heir.

Week Five Progress:

It was good to get back to Phoenix Reborn. This is my second pass* at it and while it’s still solid, it’s fun to add in all the details and character moments that have evolved since my first, very loose, draft. I worked on chapters 15, 16 and 17. I love this part of the story, it brings together two separate story strands in a fun explosive space battle and sets up lots of new alliances.

* We sketched out the plot, characters, themes, etc. together, then I wrote the first draft, my brilliant collaborator polished that into a solid second, and now after more discussion and story evolution, I’m editing. (And still leaving plenty of notes for my collaborator.) Plenty of work to do before a ‘final, no honest this is the last one, finished version 3.doc’

Notes I left for myself:

  • Something awful happens.
  • Her solution to everything is death. It’ll be her undoing.

Some examples of the changes I made:

  • Clarifed some alien/human diplomacy moments (Jericho is trying to get it on with an alien).
  • Scienci-fied (it’s a word, shhh) some of the terraforming and spaceship technology.

Basir made a soft clicking noise, it was a disheartened sound, but one of understanding. “Yes we have a word for those.” He paused then, and spoke a word in his language, the clicking shifting sound of it unpronounceable to the human tongue. “No longer of the we.”

Jericho glanced at him, watching the way his expression set in something that looked confused and sad, his gaze lowered to the floor. “I always wondered how it worked for you. If you had like hive telepathy or…” He said, curiosity getting the better of him.

Basir’s gaze flicked up then and for a second Jericho wondered if he’d said something offensive. Then soft clicking laughter spilled up out of Basir, his lips parting as his face flushed a joyous red. The guards were laughing too, in a soft way they were trying to cover up but it was clear they found this highly amusing.

A Cargo ship is attacked as it flies over an asteroid
Fleeing to Branco Station

One more week to go!

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