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Georgina Kamsika was born in South Yorkshire, UK, to Anglo Indian immigrant parents and has spent most of her life explaining her English first name, Polish surname and Asian features.

She reads widely, everything from E.M. Forester to Chuck Palahniuk and values her vast comics collection. She admits to being a geek and whenever she’s not writing, she loves gaming, reading and walking her dogs in the woods.

She attended Clarion West in 2012 and is a first reader for Lightspeed magazine. You can find her lurking on twitter.

  • She’s British Asian and has an eclectic name to confuse people
  • She’s the youngest of three (one boy, two girls)
  • She’s not bad with Photoshop, but she’s no designer
  • She attended Clarion West in 2012
  • She always has dogs, they’re the best companions
  • She’s lived in the North and the Midlands, but never the South of England
  • She went to University in Nottingham
  • She has no favourites because there are too many good books, films and TV shows to pick just one
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