Barnes & Nobles Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books of April 2018

Not so Stories is mentioned in the Barnes & Noble Best Science Fiction and Fantasy books of 2018.

Not So Stories, edited by David Thomas Moore (April 10, Abaddon—Paperback)

The Just So Stories of Rudyard Kipling are undeniable classics, a collection of children’s stories that offer children glimpses into an older world, more magical and mysterious than the one that’s made smaller by technology and the march of time. But those stories are also undeniably tough to swallow in 2018—Kipling was a product of his time, a man who saw the colonial empire he was a citizen of as a positive force in the world; his dismaying attitudes toward the native peoples of those conquered lands have aged his work poorly. Here, editor David Thomas Moore assembles a murderer’s row of today’s prominent and up-and-coming writers of color to reimagine these stories for the modern age. The results are funny, touching, and often profound. Contributors include Paul Krueger, Georgina Kamsika, Raymond Gates, and Cassandra Khaw, among many others.

Also, check out my Clarion West littermate Bryan Camp’s debut The City of Lost Fortunes and Patrice Sarath’s The Sisters Mederos!

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